Courtney Bernardo
Sean Corcoran
Maxwell Goodknight
Anthony Jackson (Bugzdale)
Erica Kaufman
Ya Li
Arnela Mahmutović
Meghan Mason
Anna Nina Pellicone
Tzuyun Wei

As we drift further and further away from nature in our daily lives, we have to make an effort to explore the natural world so intrinsic to our growth as humans. My artwork borrows from both of the natural and the artificial world. Thrift stores are an inspiration to me; they are an ecosystem filled with antiques and artifacts, clothing and discarded craftsmanship. Walking through a resale shop, I observe the objects and their material; I try to understand how they are made, and I consider their history and their age. I am only left with clues given to me by the object—from discoloration to scuff marks, from types of stitching or fabric material. I consider the history of the object and clues that place it into a timeline. I observe nature in the same way, picking up a branch covered in fungi, studying the form and pattern, the irregularities and shapes. I am equally interested in figuring out the history an object has in both the natural world and the human-made.

Through material, pattern, and color, I make paintings to bridge the divide between the natural and artificial. Gravity and viscosity of water or medium with ink is used to stain fabric pieces lending to a more freeform process. The fluidity of the dyes and inks creates an organic, unpredictable stain in these assemblages. The colors pool in spots, or bleed together. I paint the canvas, cut, and tear, omit and collage with a sewing machine. The painted pieces and woven thread borrows from the micro and macro scales in nature, with tiny threads running through or large swatches of paint and canvas pieces. They are not permanently formed in a definitive shape, instead they can adapt to a location, collected together to grow into larger paintings or be separated apart. My paintings embrace irregularity.

Installation view
Sunsets, Flowers, and Pretty Things, 2020 canvas, ink, acrylic paint, and thread, approx. 2 x 2 feet
Like a Leaf, 2020, canvas, ink, acrylic paint, and thread, approx. 2 x 2 feet
Golden Embers, 2020, canvas, ink, acrylic paint, and thread, approx. 2 x 2 feet
Cold Water, 2020, canvas, ink, acrylic paint, and thread, approx. 2 x 2 feet
Atmospheric Imperception, 2019, canvas, ink, and acrylic paint, 4 x 2 feet
Atmospheric Imperception (detail), 2019
Atmospheric Imperception (detail), 2019
Atmospheric Imperception (detail), 2019
Hurricane Flower, 2019, canvas, 4 ½ feet diameter